Working Paper 141: Calibration of the CMI Model for Ireland

The Core version of the CMI Mortality Projections Model is intended to be suitable for the general population of England & Wales, but it can be modified for use with other populations.

Working Paper 141 shows two ways in which the Model can be adapted for Irish population data.

  • A full recalibration of the Model using Irish data and associated changes to the smoothing parameters.
  • Using the initial addition to mortality improvements, under an “Extended” use of the Model, to reflect historical differences in mortality improvements between Ireland and England & Wales.

While the paper is primarily aimed at actuaries considering the Model for Irish lives, it may also be of interest to actuaries considering the application of the Model to other populations or particular subgroups.

This paper was produced by the Society of Actuaries in Ireland Demography Committee with assistance from the CMI. It is intended to be a “one-off” rather than a regular exercise.


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