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Lifelong Learning

In our fast-paced ever-changing world of work, employers need actuaries who have core actuarial skills, are flexible and can add value to their businesses.

Lifelong Learning is a vital part of the IFoA strategy for the future of the actuarial profession. Effective professionals posses relevant and contemporary skill sets.

We must provide the best opportunities for members' Lifelong Learning needs.

Lifelong Learning can be delivered by a variety of methods to suit different working styles and interests. Individuals take responsibility for their own personal development and careers.  As a professional body supporting actuaries we will ensure our members have access to all the resources they need.

Lifelong Learners are motivated to never stop learning

Take time to reflect and plan before you begin any new projects

Reflect: check the competencies against your current role and future ambitions

Plan: identify exactly what skills and knowledge you need and how best to acquire them

Do: take courses, read articles, find a mentor, look online, volunteer

Record: write down everything you do, how far it met your objectives, the impact on your work

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