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Asia Conference

A selection of videos from the IFoA's Asia Conferences, including webinar recordings, plenary sessions and a selected number of workshop sessions.
Asia Conference 2021

The Actuary Reimagined from the lens of Diversity & Inclusion

Know what’s on the mind of key industry leaders – Key concerns and opportunities for better organizations

Rethinking Risk Models after the Global Financial Crisis

Agility in health – how dynamic pricing analytics could help health insurers improve profitability

Sustainability Risks: Challenges and Opportunities

Defining Insurance Risks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Adapting to a digital future – How can the actuarial profession thrive?

Together for a Greener Future

Innovation in motor insurance in Asia market

Can We Manage Diabetes Risk for Healthier Outcomes?

Lessons from History - In the context of Contemporary Actuarial Questions

Recognition of P&C Reinsurance Structures on your IFRS17 Accounts

Adapting to Our New World, Innovating Distribution and Changing Customer Engagement during COVID and beyond

Climate - Modelling Challenges for the Next Big Financial Risk

A journey to the digital world: Innovation drives the future success for Asia Pacific (re)insurers

Why ESG investing has moved to the C-Suite 

Uncertainties Old and New: Inflation and Interest Rate Risk Modelling in a (Post?) COVID World

Asia Conference 2020 Webinar Series

September 2020

To read the full synopsis of each webinar please visit the Asia Conference 2020 webinar series website and select the 'Programme' tab

Using Actuarial Concepts to Analyze Mitigation Strategies for Climate Risk
Speaker: Rade Musulin, Finity Consulting

A New Dimension in Motor Pricing the Motor Market Analyser
Speakers: Valerie Gilles-Coeur, Swiss Re Asia, and Aaron Chua, Senior Analytics Manager, P&C Solutions. Vice President, Reinsurance Asia, Swiss Re

Social Security and Sustainability
Speakers: Simon Brimblecombe, ILO and Napoom Suwannapoom​​​​​​, Thailand Social security Office 

Application of IFRS 17 to Takaful contracts
Speaker: Harun Kannan Rajagopal, EY

Artificial Intelligence in Actuarial Work
Speaker: Nicholas Yeo, Nicholas Actuarial Solutions

We're Getting Older and Older - Aren't We?
Speaker: Dr Achim Regenauer

Modular Framework of Machine Learning Pipeline
Speaker: John Ng, Reinsurance Group of America (RGA)

Machine Learning in Portfolio Management
Speaker: Jiajia Cui Moody's Analytics

Next-Gen Insurance leveraging partnerships and advanced analytics
Speaker: Mohit Gupta, AXA

Innovate to Sustain - Health Insurance Solutions for the New Future
Speaker: Raymond Leung, Swiss Re

Data Science & AI in Banking Risk Management
Speaker: Mahidhara Davangere, Pramartha

Liability Aware Investment Solutions
Speaker: Thibaut Ferret, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Actuary’s Impact through Lifestyle Products
Speaker: Chong Sheng Lim, Xiaomi Digital Technology Co, Ltd.

Ageing/Mortality Panel Session
Dr Kamakhya Das, Partner Re, Ivan Lee, Swiss Re

Enhancing Return of Insurance Companies under Low Interest Rate Environment
Speakers: Steven Yu, YuYuan Technology Company, and Feifei Zhang, Founding partner of mountain creek investment and Chairman of Yuyuan Tec

The role of data science in customer-centric insurance
Speaker: Michael Storozhev, Cover More Travel

Practical Guide to Climate Change
Speakers: Marjan Qazvini, Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia and Choong Hern Ooi

Rising up to the challenge: SEA Non-Life Market Adapts to move forward
Speakers: Yuan Tian and Chris Lim, A.M. Best Asia-Pacific

Metamorphosis – Rise of the exponential actuary
Speakers: Daryl Wagner, Graham Robertson and Vandana Toshniwal, Deloitte

Key Changes of China’s 2nd set CI Definitions and Incidence Tables (2014-2018)
Speaker: Alan Zhang, China Life Reinsurance Company

The C-Ross Phase II and its Potential Impact on Chinese Market
Cynthia Yuan, ChinaRe, and Sherwin Li, Chief Actuary, Head of Actuarial and IDEA Analytics, China Re P&C

Asia Conference 2018

May 2018

Plenary 1: Risk management - An Integrated and Proactive Approach
(Length 01:03:02)

Plenary 2: Creating New Paradigms in the World of Employee Benefits and Healthcare
(Length 39:07)

Plenary 5: Plenary 5: Regulatory and Professionalism Update
(Length 57:53)

This conference will be of huge benefit to actuaries and leaders at all levels in the financial services who want to gain a thorough understanding of the fast-changing dynamics in the insurance, health, investment and financial industry in Asia. 

Asia Conference 2017

May 2017

Plenary 1: Professionalism Lecture
(Length 01:06:16)

Plenary 2: Changing (consumer) behaviour-shared responsibility and shared value
(Length 01:00:39)

Plenary 4: An actuarial view of climate risks
(Length 01:07:56)

Asia Conference 2015

Asia Conference 2015
13-15 May 2015, video

Videos available:
Plenary 1: New Change, New Promotion - Implication of C-ROSS to Actuarial Professionals.  Speaker: Dr Yulong Zhao, Deputy Director General of Finance and Accounting Solvency Regulation, CIRC

Plenary 5: Yesterday's Papers, but not Yesterday's News.  Speaker: David Hare, Deloitte

Workshop A2: How to Set Risk Appetite for an Insurance Company - A Practical Case Study.  Speaker: Andrew Hitchcox, Chair of the IFoA Risk Management Board

Workshop B3: Risk Dashboards with R Shiny - A C-ROSS Case Study.  Speaker: Phil Joubert, Oliver Wyman

Workshop C3: C-ROSS Implication on Investment.  Speaker:  Bonny Fu, EY

Actuaries of the Future sessions
Plenary 1: Growing as an Actuary.  Speaker: Feifei Zhang, Aviva
Plenary 2: Actuary as a Career Choice. Speaker: Dr Yan Liu, LV=
Plenary 3: To Best Prepare you for a Life Long Career Journey.  Speaker: Johnny Chen, Ex-Chairman, China Zurich Insurance Group


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    We’ve all heard about the gender pay gap. Sadly, the gap doesn’t just exist with base pay.

    Research carried out by Legal & General in 2021 across the four million members in our Defined Contribution (DC) pensions, found that there’s a gender pension gap too, continuing the divide between men and women.

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    As current global events continue to demonstrate, geopolitical tensions present significant risks to corporates of all sizes. However, these types of risk are often not given the discussion time it needs at the board level or executive committee levels, nor the resources required to anticipate, analyse and mitigate them effectively.

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    At retirement, it has become very popular for those with Defined Contribution (DC) pensions to choose drawdown rather than an annuity, but drawing a sustainable lifetime income in this way is an impossible challenge for most people. We consider a Decumulation Pathway for the typical consumer, where a small part of the DC fund is set aside for any flexible access and legacy requirements. The bulk is then used to provide a lifetime income, utilising the pooling or insuring of longevity risk.

  • CILA 2022

    23 May 2022 - 24 May 2022

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    We continue to live in a world of global uncertainty. Survival depends on our ability to simultaneously navigate through the diverse root-causes, ranging from: the consequences of Climate Change; transitioning to Net Zero; increased inflationary pressures and supply chain issues; to self-imposed changes in regulatory requirements. CILA 2022 focuses on these challenges to ensure we continue to be informed and remain battle ready, as well as showcasing highlights of recent CMI outputs.

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    In the spirit of fostering the IFoA’s vibrant, global community and enabling our members to participate, we have decided to hold our AGM virtually again this year. This allows for greater accessibility to this important annual event, and for greater accountability of our organisation.

    The Business of the AGM

  • The IFoA Conference 2022

    133 Liverpool St, London EC3A 7BX and Online
    22 June 2022 - 23 June 2022
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    We’re delighted to welcome you back to our first in-person conference since early 2020, also being delivered virtually in our first-ever hybrid event. The theme of our inaugural two-day conference is ‘Focusing on tomorrow’s actuary’ and will explore the contribution actuarial science is making to some of tomorrow’s biggest issues.