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We are the IFoA's Actuarial Research Centre (ARC). We bring together industry, academia and practitioners to deliver a unique package of cutting edge research. 

Our model of research is tailored to meet the needs of modern business; drawing on the skills and strengths of our extensive global networks and the insights and experience of our 33,000 members.

By bringing together industry-leading actuarial professionals and academic specialists, we believe we can develop the models, insight and practical tools necessary to ensure actuaries, their employers and society more generally can benefit. 

Crucial to the ARC’s success is that we develop this approach in partnership.

Jules Constantinou, IFoA President


ARC Webinar Series 2021Actuarial Research. Insitstuite and Faculty of Actuaries. ARC Webinar Series. Exploring cutting edge research. Watch on demand now.

We are currently running a programme of webinars, online events and podcasts through our ARC Webinar Series 2021. 

The series aims to showcase the results from our cutting-edge research programmes, addressing some significant challenges in actuarial science. 

You can catch up on all past events and find out what’s next in the series on our ARC Webinar Series 2021 page.

Latest News 

Sign up to test the new Longevity Index for England (LIFE) App

Be one of the first to trial the new LIFE app before its launch in the autumn. Register to review and provide feedback on the app.  Registration is open till 11 July 2021 and to find out more about the app, watch the ARC Webinar Series 2021: Introducing the new Longevity Index for England (LIFE) app.  

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ARC Webinar Series 2021: Introducing the new Longevity Index for England (LIFE) app - Watch on demand now! 

This session explored how the new LIFE index has revealed previously uncaptured mortality inequalities by using predictive variables at a high degree of granularity. Globally renowned leader in actuarial science Professor Andrew Cairns and his co-investigator Torsten Kleinow demonstrated the uses of new LIFE index such as the causes of high or low mortality and regional differences in mortality.

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Diabetes Mortality and Morbidity Risk - New Research Commissioned 

The last decade has seen significant advances in treatments for Type 2 diabetes. Yet, the long-term impact of these advances is not yet fully appreciated. Currently available risk estimates are derived from data that is over ten years old. The overarching aim of this research project is to develop a deeper understanding of the risks associated with a diagnosis of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, and the impact of recent improved treatments. 

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Optimising Future Pension Plans - New Research Commissioned 

The products currently available to provide a stable, lifetime retirement income are not meeting the needs of many people. Working closely with industry, this two-year programme aims to address many of the questions around longevity risk-sharing in the retirement space. It will create and share practical worked examples of how to structure these products.  For example, how can the benefits be calculated, for how long can they provide a stable income and what guarantees are appropriate.

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We’ve been privileged to work with some of the most well known organisations in pensions, insurance, risk mitigation and more. Working with us to deliver on your research needs is easy; it starts with a simple conversation!

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If you are interested in partnering or accessing the ARC’s research for your community, please contact the ARC mailbox below.

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