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Actuarial Research Centre (ARC)

A gateway to global actuarial research

Launched in 2012, the Actuarial Research Centre (ARC) was established as a joint project between the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), under the steer of its Scottish board and in partnership with the Scottish Financial Risk Academy (SFRA).

In August 2015 the IFoA’s Research and Thought Leadership Board  (RTLB) published a discussion document “The Key Questions for Actuarial Science” which captured the views of the community on the major challenges in actuarial science. To address some of these challenges, the IFoA published a Call for Research seeking proposals for large scale research programmes. The IFoA selected five research programmes, which all launched in 2016.

Today, the ARC is a global network which delivers industry relevant, cutting-edge research programmes, that address some of the significant challenges in actuarial science, through a partnership of the actuarial profession, the academic community and industry.

The ARCs current research programmes involve partnerships with institutions and organisations in Europe and North America, and the IFoA is committed to further developing the ARCs internationally-relevant programme of research, to maximise the impact and benefits that ARC research will bring to the global actuarial user community.

The IFoA’s members, Executive and a dedicated panel of ARC Directors are supporting this aim through greater collaboration and consultation with practitioners, academia, industry, and other actuarial and industry associations around the world.

Current ARC Directors 

As ambassadors of ARC, the ARC Directors also oversee the delivery and quality assurance of the research programmes running through the ARC. 

The current ARC Directors are:

  • Professor Andrew Cairns
  • Professor Steve Haberman
  • Professor Johnny Li

Read the ARC Directors' profiles

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