This document contains the first table of annual premiums that James Dodson calculated in 1756 for the promotion of the life office that was formed eventually in 1762 as the Society for Equitable Assurance

The promoters of the Equitable determined that the Society's premiums were to be based on the calculations made by James Dodson drawing from the Bills of Mortality of London (1728-1750) compiled by Corbyn Morris. 

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The book of tables comprises a mortality table and premiums set for whole continuance of life and for terms, including:

  • 'A Table of decrements wherein the hazard of life is esteemed to be as great as any author has conceived it to be, or as can be deduced from any Bills or Mortality hitherto made public'
  • 'A Table of the present values of Annuities of 1£ each for single lives computed at 3 per cent compound interest from the beforegoing principles'
  • 'A Table of Premiums payable for insuring at one payment 100£ on a Life of a given Age; deduced from the preceding Table of the Values of Annuities on Lives'
  • 'A Table of Annual Premiums payable for insuring 100£ during the whole continuance of a single Life of any of the following Ages according to the beforegoing principles' [&c.].

The manuscript book finishes with an outline of scenarios showing how to apply the tables to determine values.

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