This event brought together speakers from a range of academic disciplines to address the current state of knowledge and the gaps in key areas of frailty research.

Frailty in older people is characterised by a cumulative decline in many physiological systems, a vulnerability to stressors leading to an increased risk of adverse outcomes such as falls, disability, long-term care and death. The continued gains in longevity mean that more people are reaching ages where they are at risk of frailty, as well as other strongly age-related conditions like dementia.

This event addressed the following key areas of frailty research:

  • biological pathways to frailty
  • inequalities in later life frailty
  • frailty in primary care.

Speakers included:

  • Professor Thomas Kirkwood CBE, Newcastle University
  • Professor James Nazroo, The University of Manchester
  • Professor Ngaire Kerse, The University of Auckland.

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