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Mortality experts meeting

Around 50 invited guests from a range of disciplines attended the Mortality Experts Scoping Meeting on 3 March 2008 at Staple Inn, London

This meeting was chaired by Professor Tom Kirkwood, Director of the Institute for Ageing and Health at the University of Newcastle, who delivered the 2001 Reith Lecture, The end of age. The objective of the meeting was to explore how gaps in current research into mortality, identified in the report Scoping mortality research prepared by Dr Catriona Macdonald under the supervision of the Mortality Development Scoping Project Steering Group, might be identified and filled. The Project Steering Group recognises that collaboration between the actuarial profession and other disciplines will be beneficial in gaining new insights into mortality trends.

  • scoping multi-disciplinary research into mortality by Brian Ridsdale, CMI
  • scoping mortality research - Powerpoint presentation of the findings of the Actuarial Profession's Mortality Developments Scoping Project
  • living ever longer? by Tom Kirkwood, Institute for Ageing and Health
  • scoping mortality research - a consultation document by Dr Catriona Macdonald.

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