Tuesday 5 May 2020 12:00

The environmental, social and governance (ESG) space is growing rapidly and increasingly moving centre stage. In many cases, it is now an essential part of policy and central to the way stakeholders make decisions for the long term to ensure retention of clients, manage risk better, and ensure more economically efficient and sustainable investment returns.

ESG factors cover a wide range of areas reflecting how vital consideration of these factors are part of wider systemic risks.

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Although primarily aimed at actuaries, the webinars may also be of value to others who have an interest in Finance and Investment.

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5th May

12.30-13.30: Climate Change Preparedness

We know that climate change is happening, but we can’t predict the specific consequences. The global weather system is complex and we don’t know how politicians, business and consumers will react and adapt to climate change - we are dealing with uncertainty. A big question for each Defined Benefit Scheme is to what extent the business of the scheme sponsor is prepared for dealing with the consequences of climate change.

Speakers: Stefan Lundbergh, Cardano

21st May

12.00-13.00: Exclusions vs Engagement

This will cover the relative merits of negative screening against better engagement with firms and sectors before setting out why engagement is preferrable. This will consider when engagement cannot / does not work and why responsible investing may manifest differently for GI and Life funds as well as those with active or passive (or a combination) persuasions. We firmly believe that responsible investing does not mean investing in strongly rated ESG firms only but is also about engaging with firms to improve their ESG focus. Examples to cover include tobacco (and the various changes there) and certain fossil fuel investments.

Speakers: Adam Ruddle, LV=

17th June

13:00-14:00: ESG and climate change readiness – Putting it into practice

There is increasing focus on embedding ESG into insurance companies’ day-to-day activities. The PRA has recently issued a Supervisory Statement on managing the financial risks from climate change, and EIOPA is looking at the incorporation of sustainability into Solvency II.

But for many firms the question is ‘where to start?’. This is a wide-ranging topic, with a long list of terminology that is often confused, and evolving research and data analytics.

So in this presentation we will take a look at some of the practical ways in which firms can start thinking about ESG and implementing changes into their business, drawing on LV=’s own experiences.

Speakers: Ross Evans, Hymans and Emily Penn, LV=

24th June

13:00-14:00: Resilient portfolio construction: incorporating ESG and climate change

This talk will cover how to build better portfolios by ESG factor-neutralizing and how investors can position portfolios to be more resilient in relation to the wide-ranging financial effects of climate change.

Speakers: Martijn de Vree, Wai Lee and Hannah Skeates - Wells Fargo

26th June

12:00-13:00: Deep dive into liquidity risk management–developing a robust framework

The release of the PRA consultation paper may signal a good time for insurers to review and update their liquidity risk management framework. Within this presentation we discuss our interpretation of what the PRA’s liquidity consultation paper means for insurers and how this compares to our understanding of current market practice through answering the following questions: 

  • How should an insurer develop and maintain its liquidity risk appetite?
  • What are considered the key sources of liquidity risk for insurers?
  • Which assets held by insurers can be considered liquid?
  • How should an insurer determine an appropriate liquidity buffer to hold?
  • How could climate and ESG risks be considered within liquidity stress testing?
  • What ongoing monitoring and reporting could be in place for liquidity?
  • How is contingency planning considered in the context of liquidity?

Speakers: Sam Tufts and Ryan Allison, EY

29th June

13:00-14:00: Tackling climate change risk, one scenario at a time

Technical session covering how a complex, long term climate change risk can be modelled and understood by asset owners.

Speaker: Jonathan Cross, Mercer

3rd July

12:00-13:00: Sustainable private equity investment, an insurer’s free lunch?

This talk expands on recent changes to Solvency II regulation to include sustainability risks and explores whether private equity offers an opportunity for making l long-term and impactful investments. 
We will answer the following questions: 

How sustainable private equity could be used in your portfolio to qualify for more favourable capital treatment under Solvency II?

Speakers: Punil Chaubal and Daniel Banks, River and Mercantile Solutions

7th July

13:00-14:00 Implementing ESG principles within Real Asset Investment Decisions

In this talk we cover the practicalities of implementing ESG within real asset investment decisions. Capital deployed in real assets is invested for a long term and has far reaching impact on the environment and society.  However, implementing ESG into real asset investment decisions is not straightforward and requires a different approach to public market assets.  The range of investment opportunities can be vast and across multiple private asset classes, sectors and geographies.  Even within a specific asset class each asset is idiosyncratic and requires a very bespoke ESG assessment.  Further, the answers are not always black and white and multiple factors need to be considered, ultimately needing one to find a balance between the expected positives and negatives over the lifetime of the asset.  This session will provide senior managers and practitioners a good overview of the considerations when implementing ESG principles in real asset investment decisions.

Speakers: Munawer Shafi and Stanley Kwong, Aviva Investors

14th July

13:00-14:00: Incorporating Climate Change in Analytical Tools

Climate change risks are likely to become material for many risk management and investment decisions. This will require to incorporate explicitly climate change in the tools used for risk management and investment decisions. At present existing climate change tools are often too crude for decision making. The presentation will discuss the data and analytical challenges in developing tools adequate for risk management and investment purposes and offer pragmatic solution for addressing those challenges.

Speakers: Miroslav Petkov, Accenture Risk

21st July

11:00-12:00: A Career in Finance and Investment

Many actuaries consider career opportunities in the Finance and Investment practice area after having started off in more traditional actuarial roles such as valuations, capital management or pricing. This session is aimed at helping actuaries to better understand roles in Finance and Investment and how they can fine tune their skills to pursue such careers. The talk will include an update on the recruitment market from a consultant as well as a panel discussion of several Finance and Investment professionals who in their careers have made the transition from traditional actuarial roles.

Consultant speaker:
Natalie Lightfoot, Principal Consultant, Oliver James and Associates 

Panel speakers:
Mike Eakins, CIO, ReAssure Asset Management
Frank Turley, Group Treasurer, L&G

28th July

10:00-11:00 ESG forays into fixed income : Alpha factor and not sacrifice 

Although ESG has many buyers across the asset allocation community, from pension funds to sovereign wealth funds, it still hasn’t found its place within the core asset management strategy desks where the money is actually invested. The problem as well as the opportunity is Fixed Income.
Plenty of strategies exist for incorporating ESG within Equities, from screening, integration to a combination. ESG has picked up relatively quickly within Equities with rating,indices created using ESG factors.
This talk will discuss how we price a quantifiable ESG credit risk premium and make it alpha worthy in a strategy. 

Speakers: Akshay Dua, Mercer



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