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Membership FAQs

Frequently asked membership questions are answered below:

Please can you advise how long it will take to reply to my enquiry ?

This depends on your enquiry type, please see our typical response times below. If you need to speak to us we are contactable on +44(0)131 240 1325 or +44(0)1865 268 207

Enquiry type Response time
Email acknowledged or answered 3 days
Change of subscription rate 1 week
Exams, OPAT, UKPM, PSC, CERA (Manual applications) 1 week
Resignations 2 weeks
Reinstatements 2 weeks
CPD non-practising applications 2 weeks
Student admissions 2 weeks
Transfer to Fellow/Associate/CAA  3 weeks
Affiliate admission 3 weeks
Reduced Rate applications 3 weeks
Dual membership application 3 weeks
Mutual Recognition applications 4 weeks
Individual qualification recognition applications 4 weeks
Work based skills/PPD 5 weeks
Exam Exemptions 5 weeks

What will happen if I do not pay the fees that become due when I am transferred to Associate/Fellow?

If you do not pay the subscription fees within one month following your transfer to Associate/Fellow, your transfer will not be complete. Your membership status will then revert back to Student/Associate. 

Do I have to pay any subscription fees when I am transferred to Associate/Fellow?

Upon transferring to Associate/Fellow, you will be required to pay the Associate/Fellow subscription fee minus any subscription fees that you have already paid during your year of transfer.

What should I do if my circumstances change and I am no longer eligible for a reduced rate subscription?

If you are no longer eligible for a reduced rate subscription, please let the Member Services Team know. We will then update your record to full rate and you will be required to pay the remaining subscription balance. 

Do I need to provide evidence of my income to prove my eligibility for a reduced rate subscription?

You are not required to provide evidence at the time of application, however if your record is selected for audit purposes you may be asked in future to provide evidence of your eligibility. 

Is there a reduced subscription fee for members on a low income?

If your gross taxable income falls below the threshold for your category of  membership, you can apply for a reduced rate subscription. You can check the income threshold for each category of membership on the subscription information page.

When does my membership subscription fee become due for payment?

Membership subscription fees become due annually on 1 October. You should ensure that your subscription is paid by 31 October to avoid late payment fees which are applied on 1 November and on 1 December. View more information on subscriptions.

How do I reinstate my membership?

You should firstly contact the Member Services team at who will provide you with a reinstatement form for your completion. You can reinstate your membership at any time during the subscription year. Lapsed students who want to apply for exams, should ensure that they apply for reinstatement 2 weeks before exam closing dates. Please refer to the reinstatement guide

What is the procedure if a member no longer requires their membership?

If a member no longer requires their membership, they should contact the Member Services team at to inform of their intent and reason for resignation. Please note that the IFoA do not provide refunds if a member choses to resign before the end of the current subscription year.

How do I subscribe to one of the optional subscriptions such as SIAS or AFIR?

You can indicate the required optional subscriptions on your subscription letter and email a copy of the form to the Member Services team at with advised method of payment.

I will be transferring to Fellow soon, but my subscription notice shows the Student rate. What should I do?

You should pay the Student subscription fee at the outset. When you have been transferred to Fellow, you will be contacted by the Member Services team who will advise you of the balance of fees due upon your transfer.

How do I make a complaint?

Download the IFoA Membership Complaints Policy for full details.

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