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Membership FAQs

The top six most frequently asked membership questions are answered below:
  • What is an ARN?

    An ARN is an Actuarial Reference Number. You are issued with this when you become a member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). You should quote your ARN in all communications with the IFoA.

  • When does my next subscription become due?

    Subscriptions become due on 1 October each year and should be paid by 31 October to avoid any surchange. A 10% surcharge is applied to all unpaid membership subscriptions on 1 November and a further 10% added on 1 December if still unpaid. Members whose fees are outstanding on 31 December will be removed form membership. For further information, download our Subscription Policy. This includes advice on how to reinstate your membership.

  • How do I obtain a receipt for payment of my annual subscription fee?

    Receipts for all payments that you make to us can be obtained from the member's area of the website. You will need to log on and then select 'My receipts and purchases' from the icons on the page. You can then view and print the receipt that you require.

  • How do I log on to the members' area of the website?

    The login button is located at the top right hand corner of our home page. You should enter your ARN as your username. If you use your date of birth as the password, please enter it in the format dd/mm/yyyy and include the forward slashes. We advise you to update your password. The site will advise you on the strength of your password enabling you to achieve the level of security you feel comfortable with.

  • How soon am I required to pay the balance of fees which became due on my transfer to Fellow/Associate?

    The balance of fees should be made within one month of being transferred to Fellow/Associate.

  • Can I pay my subscription fee by direct debit?

    Members can pay their subscription fees by annual direct debit which is collected on 1 October each year.

    Members who would like to set up a new annual direct debit instruction should contact

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