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Delta: actuaries supporting change

Welcome to Delta - the new publication for business leaders, policy makers and thought leaders around the world from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)

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Whether your organisation is facing technological change, climate change or social change, you'll find the independent analysis you need inside Delta, tackling the issues that are directly affecting you and your colleagues now:




  • Comment
    Economic forecasts, Brexit and the crisis in social care
  • Analysis
    What are the likely effects of Brexit on the insurance industry, and what effect will it have on skills required by professional services?
  • Wider Fields
    With climate change now universally accepted as a business risk, how will businesses report their exposure?
  • Tech futures
    The advent of driverless cars raises concerns over liability, and cyber security and the insurance industry
  • The long view
    Demographic modelling, DB pensions and challenges facing young people    

As well as opinion from leading experts, we’ve included insight from actuaries to enrich the debate ....

... because we at IFoA believe that our members can support you in anticipating the key changes in your organisation’s future, assessing the risks and planning a strategy for success.

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