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IFoA response to Transport Select Committee report released today

“The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) welcomes the report from the Transport Select Committee and the recognition that measures to reduce whiplash claims, whilst material and favourable, may not necessarily lead to any material reduction in premiums."

"If measures to reduce fraud and exaggeration were successful, these could lead to reductions in insurance claim costs of 3–15%.  However these decreases could soon be offset by inflation in compensation for other types of claim, which is currently averaging 3– 7% per annum.”

"And given that car insurance premiums have already reduced by 15% in the last year (from the latest<> Watson index ), it may be that insurers have already effectively anticipated all of these benefits - and that there is no more to come."


For further comment, or an in-depth summary of the findings of the recent IFoA report looking at third party injury (TPI) and third party damage (TPD) UK motor insurance claims data, a jpeg image of David Brown or to answer any questions that you may have please contact the IFoA

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