Postcard with text: Postcards for Actuaries. Is your long-run a sustainable destination? Climate Risk Virtual Dialogue Series. Singapore Actuarial Society. Nick Spencer. Chair of IFoA Sustainability Board.

Update from Nick Spencer, Sustainability Board Chair

There has been huge progress on climate and broader sustainability risks at the IFoA over the last 12 months. In particular, the resources that are available to actuaries have grown with the weekly sustainability newsletter now complemented with three new Curated Libraries.

The Singapore Actuarial Society kindly invited me to give an update on the current IFoA efforts and the resources available to members.

View the presentation

Watch the 23-minute webinar

The presentation provides an outline as a series of postcards:

  • Starting with a few summaries of the current climate outlook
  • Outline of the work of the Climate Related Risk Taskforce and IFoA initiatives (more detail in The Actuary’s March article)
  • Includes links to the resources available both in education and research, as well as our newsletter.
  • Touches on the double materiality of sustainability risks and the interconnectedness with biodiversity and fairness

There is still so much more to be done. But I hope this gives a good snapshot of current efforts. Understanding sustainability risks and impacts is deeply actuarial – future uncertainties, current unknowns and the need to infer impacts from other experience. So integrating sustainability risks is an area for our current work, and provides a wide range of new opportunities.  

As the Sustainability Board, along with the practice boards, we aim to support IFoA members in developing sustainability knowledge and skills for their current work, and enabling them to take advantage of these new opportunities.

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