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Amendments to the IFoA's Regulations

At its meeting on 4 June 2020, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ Council agreed to amend two of the IFoA’s Regulations:

  • Regulation 23 (concerning a reduction to the level of surcharge imposed for late payment of subscriptions)
  • Regulation 25 (concerning an administrative amendment made necessary by the impending introduction of a new CPD Scheme and separate Subscription Policy).

In accordance with Rule 19A of the IFoA’s constitution, a 28-day notice period for comments on and objections to the amendments will be held. This notice period will conclude on Tuesday 21 July 2020.

Full details of the changes to the Regulations, and the process to be followed ahead of formally adopting them, can be seen on the Regulations (Current Proposed Amendments) page.

Please contact Ruby Fitzpatrick, Assistant Corporate Secretary at the IFoA ( if you if you have any questions about or objections to these amendments, or require any further information.