Rob BlackThe data visualisation working party was established in 2017, with Rob Black (Standard Life) taking on the role as Chair in March 2018.  The main goal of data visualisation is to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means and, by maintaining a library of data visualisation techniques, their vision is that actuaries should have:

  • An understanding of which visualisations work well for different purposes (eg, data investigation vs reporting to management)
  • Domain-specific examples of helpful practice (eg, pensions, investment, life or general insurance)
  • An understanding of how to produce the visualisations, including tools and techniques (not just Excel)
  • An understanding of the principles of developing and improving data visualisations
  • Awareness of caveats that should be associated with data visualisations

The working party has built on initial work and examples in this field presented to SIAS, A Practical Guide to Data Visualisation (Ellacott and Teggin, 2014) and presented its work at the Life Conference 2018. 

View the Data Visualisation library

For any queries, please contact the working party’s chairman, Rob Black, via email at: