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Exam centre capacities

As the demand for actuarial exams has increased we have worked hard to improve the choice and capacity of our exam centres

When booking exam centres we take into account the demand for exam places, together with the resources available, with the aim of offering as many places as possible to meet that demand. We also set up new exam centres in locations where they were previously not available.

We continue to address the demand for exam places in an attempt to offer as many students as possible a convenient and local exam centre

Nevertheless, it is not always possible to offer all the spaces we would like, and during the exam booking period popular exam centres will quickly become fully booked.

What happens if an exam centre is full?

When an exam centre is full for an exam subject we try to increase the number of places available, but unfortunately it is not always possible to do so.

See below for the centres and subjects that are currently full

If your chosen exam centre is full and we are unable to increase the capacity, you will need to look for an alternative centre at which to sit your exam

Please do not make a speculative booking at a different exam centre in the hope of being transferred to your first choice. If we can not increase capacity it will not be possible to change your booking, and you risk losing your exam fee if you do not cancel the booking before the exam entry closing date. Speculative bookings also limit the spaces available for other students who wish to sit at that centre.

What does this mean for the September 2017 exam session?

An unprecedented number of students have already applied for the September 2017 exams, and as a result a number of exam centres are filling up for certain exams.

We will continue to try and increase the capacities available but this may not be possible. Regular updates will be given on this page and through our Twitter account @ActuaryStudents. However, the best way to check whether an exam centre is available is to look at the online booking system.

The following exam centres are fully booked for the exam subjects shown:

Exam centre  Subject  Exam date
Chennai (India) CT1 25 September (pm)
Dhaka (Bangladesh) CT1 25 September (pm)
Gurgaon (India) CT1 25 September (pm)
Gurgaon (India) CT5 27 September (pm)
Hyderabad (India) CT1 25 September (pm)
Jaipur (India) CT1 25 September (pm)
Kolkata (India) CT1 25 September (pm)
London Westminster (UK) SA1-6 29 September (am)
Lusaka (Zambia) CT4 29 September (pm)
Mumbai (India) CT1 25 September (pm)
New Delhi (India) CT1 25 September (pm)
New Delhi (India) CT5 27 September (pm)
New York (USA) CT8/ST1 28 September (pm)

How do I know from the online booking system if an exam centre is full, and what should I do?

If you are trying to book an exam at a centre that is full you will see a small red dot on the online booking screen (as shown below) and you will not be able to book that centre.

Screen shot showing fully booked exam centres





If you are unable to find an alternative centre that is suitable for you please let us know. We may not be able to help you for this session, but it will help us to anticipate demand for the next exam session.

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