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The IFoA climate change statement

Louise Pryor introduces the IFoA climate change statement.

Louise PryorClimate change matters.

It’s increasingly being recognised as presenting major risks to everyone living on the planet. Governments and financial regulators are becoming increasingly concerned, and there’s gathering momentum around it in all areas of business and finance.

A wide range of organisations, including many professional bodies, have made public statements about climate risk, many of them including pledges around carbon emissions.

Because climate risk goes to the heart of so much of what actuaries do, it’s especially important that the IFoA has a public statement of its policy around climate change. The statement supports our innovative new strategy, and will help the IFoA and its members to continue to thrive in the years to come.  

Our statement is focused on an actuarial view of the issue, recognising it as a major challenge for those involved in managing risk. Its forceful, clear language is intended to drive realistic action for risk mitigation. It demonstrates the profession’s leadership and highlights how actuaries can apply their skill and expertise to create social impact. And it’s international, taking its impetus from the global nature of the risks that climate change presents.

Climate change matters for all of us.

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