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IFoA Cyber Risk Investigation Working Party shortlisted for "Campaign of the year"

The IFoA’s Cyber Risk Investigation Working Party has been shortlisted in the category of “Campaign of the year” by Insurance Insider Honours, the global (re)insurance awards ceremony that recognises market talent.  The ceremony takes place on Thursday 17 September 2020; the nomination is based on the work which the working party did on ‘silent’ cyber exposure assessment from a full IFoA sessional paper to blogs and articles.

The working party’s Deputy Chair, Simon Cartagena, has said “It’s great for the IFoA’s Cyber Risk Investigation Working Party to be recognised for its recent work on silent cyber. We’ve focussed on promoting the issues around silent cyber and helping tackle the challenges around understanding potential exposures. This is a great example of people from all across the market working collectively in their own time to support the development of cyber topics. Our priority has been to try and provide materials that help and support the market as a whole.  We continue to explore other cyber topics to research in support of the market development.”

Further information on Cyber Risk Investigation Working Party