By giving just £2 our members can join the IFoA Foundation’s charitable mission of ‘Actuaries Supporting Others’The IFoA Foundation

At this time of year, and whilst renewing your membership of the IFoA, you may be reflecting on the achievements, successes and challenges of the last year. Many of us have reconsidered our priorities, at work and at home, and with a growing understanding of the potential of our profession to have a positive impact in society, the IFoA Foundation is shaping its role as a catalyst for change and as a conduit for those who want to support others.

Actuaries have a long history of giving back and a natural inclination towards helping others, and this has been demonstrated since the Foundation’s launch in summer 2020. We are incredibly grateful to have received support from the community, exceeding our initial fundraising target and enabling us to develop several programmes and initiatives that take us closer towards our vision - to open every door for the next generation of actuaries and empower the profession to be transformative in addressing the greatest global challenges of our time.

The IFoA Foundation has three clear objectives:

  1. Rewarding excellence in education and research at the cutting edge of the actuarial profession

  2. Supporting our community of tomorrow’s actuaries including those facing financial hardship

  3. Addressing future challenges and critical global issues

Over the last year since the Foundation’s launch, our impact has extended far and wide, with projects that reach school children studying maths in Scotland, actuarial students from diverse backgrounds experiencing financial hardship in our global community and students who need training and mentoring in East Africa to pursue an actuarial career. We have developed scholarship programmes for the most promising young actuaries, initially in China, South-East Asia and India, and in partnership with the IFoA we are building a programme to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the global profession. We have also given out 32 prizes and awards, rewarding excellence in education and research.

As we dive into our second year, the IFoA Foundation embarks on an ambitious three-year plan which builds on the exciting developments over the last 12 months. To deliver this plan, we have increased our fundraising goals and would welcome further support from members. Although we have been fortunate to attract large donations, we are also seeking ongoing, regular support to help us build a sustainable income model.

“If every member gave just £2 this year as part of a collective effort, the Foundation would be able to deliver against each of its goals for the next year. If this donation is repeated annually, members will be laying the foundations for sustainable charitable impact in years to come. The Foundation’s work spans many important areas – including promoting diversity and inclusion in the profession, providing opportunity to young actuaries facing financial hardship and addressing global challenges in our society, working in partnership with the IFoA. Actuaries have always given back, and I hope the membership will continue this long history by supporting the IFoA Foundation.”

Dr Louise Pryor, IFoA President

To discuss how you can get more involved, please email the Foundation’s General Manager via If you would like to find out how to make a donation, you can visit our donation page.