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Life Practice - support the annual CPD programme

The Life Lifelong Learning Committee is embracing new technology to better serve a wider range of our educational needs. The success of the program will depend on having the right representation on the committee. We are looking for enthusiastic Fellow status actuaries to join the committee who are recently qualified or find it challenging balancing their actuarial careers with other demanding commitments.  Further information is available on the IFoA Volunteer Vacancies page under the Life Lifelong Learning Sub-committee member vacancy.

The committee is responsible for delivering the IFoA’s educational events for life practitioners. In the past, the focus has been on formal day and half day events. Whilst these events work well for senior actuaries, they suffer from access barriers to some actuaries. The committee is putting in place a program, leveraging current technological platforms, to better server a wider range of practitioners to remove some of the barriers the current program. Focus is on those practitioners that need more flexible access to presentations or those that would like to build up their presentation skills in a less daunting environment and on a smaller scale. Thus providing a more graduated step between pre-qualification education and events such as CILA or the Chief Actuaries and Senior Actuaries Workshop.

The success of the program will benefit from enthusiastic members that we are targeting. Make a difference and join the team today!  

Rob Merry
Sub-committee Chair