Mental Health Working Party: Survey for (re)insurers

This survey, created by the IFoA Mental Health Working Party subgroup, aims to identify insurers approaches to mental health.

It will help us to understand the current market practice and further strengthen outcomes when it comes to mental health and insurance. In particular, the working party are interested in identifying whether there is additional research that could be helpful to support risk assessment, underwriting and product developments.

The results of the survey will be collated into a report summarising the survey findings and shared with participants. Our plan is then to use this to determine where it may be useful to commission independent research and the report will act as a precursor for us to consider submitting a request for the IFoA to commission academic research.

Nothing shared as part of the survey will be attributable to any individual or organisation. We encourage you to complete as many questions as you are able to provide information for, but all questions are optional to ensure that if there is a question you are unable to answer you can still proceed with the remainder of the survey.

We are aiming for wide industry participation in this survey to ensure a broad range of stakeholder views are represented, so we thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey.