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The opportunity to grow – Jasvir Grewal

Jasvir Grewal has volunteered for the IFoA since 2013.  She has been a member of several working parties, including the Model Risk Working Party and current membership of the Cyber Risk Working Party. In summer 2019, Jass also became a member of the IFoA’s Risk Management Board. Working in London, Jass is an Actuary with Arcus 1856 providing traditional and bespoke re/insurance solutions.

Jass reflects on how her volunteer roles have enhanced her lifelong learning. Something which is particularly pertinent with the introduction of the new CPD Scheme from 1 September.

“Like most actuaries, I knew the importance of lifelong learning and, after qualification, was keen to find new ways to ensure that I continued my professional development; volunteering initiatives through the IFoA provided me with what I was looking for and much more!

My own personal development has included presenting to global audiences, learning about new industries from peers and I have enjoyed and grown from the chance to get involved with research while contributing to the actuarial community. I have particularly appreciated how, through the IFoA’s working parties, I have been able to develop strong working relationships with people in different companies, industries and geographies, which in turn has expanded my knowledge. Growing my network in such a way has also led to further development opportunities ranging from interacting with regulators to contributing towards a chapter of an insurance book.

Volunteering has also given me the chance to get creative and the opportunity to align my profession with other interests and use and develop transferrable skills; I am currently working on my first “giving back” charity data-thon session which will hopefully cultivate into a long-term series of sessions! In doing so, there really is a wide range of ways in which you can get involved and grow as a person.”

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