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Pre-Associate Curriculum survey results update

We would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Pre-Associate Curriculum Survey, which has now closed. We received 1867 responses in total. There was representation from across the world; with 31% of respondents from India, 27% from the UK, 20% from China mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia and Singapore and the remaining 22% from countries including; Australia, South Africa, Africa, America.

Looking at the respondents, 60% were Students, 23% IFoA Fellows, 7% Employer of Actuaries, 6% IFoA Associates, 2% worked in Actuarial Education (University Partner etc.) and the remaining 2% were related to the IFoA as “Other”. 56% of respondents identified as male, 41% as female and 4% as "Other". 

We thank you again for taking the time to be part of this significant project to reflect on the pre-Associate Curriculum and look forward to reviewing and considering all your feedback.

Next Steps

Research Consultation

Our research partner, Membership Matters, are now completing a series of one to one interviews and workshops to discuss themes emerging from the survey in more detail. Once complete, the IFoA will consider the recommendations and submit them for review and discussion to the newly formed Advisory Panel.

Advisory Panel

We are pleased to announce we have now confirmed the Associate Qualification Advisory Panel. Thank you to everyone who showed interest in sitting on this Panel. There are eight members of the panel and their primary objective is to review and reflect on the recommendations arising from the survey, consultations and workshops.