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Professionalism event with the Cyprus Association of Actuaries, November 2010

The Cyprus Association of Actuaries will offer a two-day professionalism event in association with the UK Actuarial Profession on 5-6 November 2010 at the Nicosia Hilton, Cyprus.

It is expected that the two-day event will meet the recognition requirements for the following events of the Actuarial Profession:

  • New Fellows’ professionalism course (day 1 + day 2, including dinner on Day 1)
  • Associates’ professionalism course (day 1)
  • Experienced actuaries’ professionalism event (day 2)

Day 1 will enable attendees to understand what is meant by professionalism in the current business climate and the actions that must be taken to meet the Profession’s requirements.

Day 2 will enable attendees to reflect on issues of professionalism in their own area of business and to discuss topical issues.

Prominent leaders from Cyprus’ business and international actuarial community will contribute throughout the two day event, including a guest speaker at dinner on the evening of day 1.

The event will be led by Helen Gregson, staff actuary at the Actuarial Profession, and Chris Daykin, Chairman of the Groupe Consultatif, Honorary President of the CAA, former President of the Institute of Actuaries and recently retired UK Government Actuary.

To find out if you are eligible to attend the course to fulfil UK requirements, please see here

Further details including an application form will be available shortly on the CAA website