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Proposed amendment to the IFoA's Regulations

At its meetings on 29 November 2019 and 4 June 2020, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ Council agreed to a proposal to amend Regulation 16 of the IFoA’s constitution, which concerns the admission criteria for Affiliate members of the IFoA.

Council agreed that there is merit in ensuring the Affiliate membership category is open and flexible enough to be available to anyone with an interest in actuarial work but who is not an IFoA student or qualified member. The proposed amendment to Regulation 16 provides this flexibility.

In accordance with Rule 19A of the IFoA’s constitution, a 28-day notice period for comments on and objections to the proposed amendment will be held. This notice period will conclude on Friday 11 December 2020.

Full details of this proposed amendment to Regulation 16, and the process to be followed ahead of formally adopting the amendment, can be seen on the Regulations (Current Proposed Amendments) page on our website.

Please contact James Harrigan, Corporate Secretary at the IFoA ( if you if you have any questions about or objections to these amendments, or require any further information.