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Ronnie Bowie and Caroline Instance on the launch of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries was launched yesterday, 1 August 2010, and will be led by Ronnie Bowie, former president of the Faculty of Actuaries.

Ronnie outlined his three ambitions for the year: “I want the newly formed Institute and Faculty of Actuaries to engage, deliver and inspire. We will engage by making the body relevant to the work of our members.  We will deliver effective and efficient services to our members, including a revitalised research programme and further expansion into the field of risk management. And we will inspire by helping our members feel proud of their profession, proud of their work and proud of how actuaries can make a positive difference to the financial world.”

Caroline Instance, chief executive of the Profession, added:  “We will continue to operate publically as the Actuarial Profession so, in many respects, it will be business as usual as we continue with our key objective of supporting members achieve their career goals.”

The launch of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries follows the vote of 25 May 2010 when voting members of the Faculty of Actuaries and Institute of Actuaries agreed to merge both organisations. The final approval came in June when the Privy Council gave its approval.

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