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Update from Catherine Jones, Chair of the Pensions Research Subcommittee

The Pensions Research Subcommittee is an extremely productive group of people.  Despite all being volunteers, mostly with demanding day jobs, there are currently 10 active working parties researching an array of topics including the future pensions landscape, the impact of the changes in working patterns, savings in retirement and the taxation of retirement savings.  

Several of the working parties have submitted reports, which include responses to consultations on Collective Defined Contribution Schemes (CDC), CDC consultation and the Pensions Dashboard.

In addition, the Future Pensions Landscape working party have produced and finalised a report of the Pensions Dashboard which is available on the working party’s page.

Huge amounts of work goes into these reports, and considering how busy everyone is, the quality and depth of these papers are outstanding.  Each output is peer reviewed by two actuaries to ensure consistent standards, plus the Executive provides support and an overview of the research progress.

The links to these consultations by the Self Sufficiency, Buyout and Consolidation, Pensions CDC and Collective Benefit Schemes and Future Pensions Landscape working parties, who worked with the Pensions Board and Executive to respond to these consultations can be found below.

If you are interested in any of these topics, and wish to find out more, please visit the Pensions Research page. In addition, if there is an area you would like to research, please let us know so we can discuss it and support you as much as possible.