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Update from Life Research Sub-committee (LRC) – do you want to help set the Life practice research agenda?

The Research Sub-committee of the Life Board at the IFoA is looking to commission three to four new working parties in 2019 and we are keen to hear your thoughts on potential topics for research. We will be meeting in January to discuss the research agenda for 2019/2020.

If you are interested in helping to set the research agenda for the Life Practice area at the IFoA why don’t you join the LRC?  We are currently recruiting members for this Sub-committee, and I would be delighted to discuss this with you.  The volunteer vacancy is online. In short, the LRC identifies, promotes and fosters research opportunities, including overseeing the activity of the member led research of the Life Practice working parties, with topics as broad as Equity Release Mortgages, IFRS 17, Modelling Pre and Post Retirement Savings Products and Longevity Catalysts to name a few, we have 19 active at the moment!

If you can’t spare the time to become a member of the Sub-committee, we would appreciate it very much of you could spare five minutes to share your opinions by completing our online survey on research opportunities by 10 February.

Tom Kenny, Chair of the LRC