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Inclusive Insurance

The risks that society faces, and will face in the future, are changing rapidly. It is crucial that the insurance sector evolves in such a way to meet these changing needs so that everyone in society, including the most vulnerable, is able to access the necessary protection.

David Heath, Chair of IFoA’s Policy and Public Affairs Board:

“Insurance is designed to offer protection to individuals and businesses and it is important that the industry innovates and evolves to address changing needs. But it must seek to do so in a way that is fair and includes those needing protection the most.”

These issues will be explored through IFoA’s Inclusive Insurance Bulletin Series. Through the series, the IFoA will present a broad perspective on this issue, and has invited contributions from a range of important voices in the debate including Citizens Advice and the Social Market Foundation. 

Bulletin 1Drivers of change, the first bulletin in the series, explores the societal, technological and macroeconomic drivers that are creating the need for change, and the impact they are having. The second and third bulletin in the series will be released later in 2020.

Bulletin 2: Responding to change considers the issue of fairness within the insurance sector and the role that technological innovation is playing in access to insurance. Will the technological revolution lead to greater inclusion – and if not, what can be done to tackle inequalities? Contributors to this bulletin include Which? magazine, the ICAEW, and the Access to Insurance Initiative.

Bulletin 3 will take an in-depth look at the important role that insurance plays in society, ensuring all can be empowered through the protection it affords.

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