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The Sustainable Development Goals and the Actuarial Profession

Sustainable Development Goals

Call for evidence: what we are looking for

Are you interested in eradicating poverty and hunger, tackling climate change, and ensuring access to education and work for all? We are calling on actuaries from all over the world to submit a proposal of how they would address the question ‘How are actuaries relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals and how can they contribute to the goals being met?’

Submissions can include:

  • Practical examples of actuaries considering the SDGs in their work
  • Evidence that demonstrates the impact of the SDGs on the actuarial profession as well as the industries that they work in
  • Evidence that demonstrates how the actuarial profession can help their clients and employers contribute towards the SDGs being met

Applications can be from an individual, or from a group, and should be no more than 500 words. We will select a range of proposals to be developed into either a workshop session, or a written output that we will use to liaise with policymakers and other influencers to play our part in meeting the SDGs.

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On 25 September 2015, the 193 members of the UN General Assembly adopted the 17 SDGs aiming to eradicate all forms of poverty in all countries, both developed and developing, by 2030.

In order to achieve this, each goal has specific targets with a total of 169 targets altogether that need to be met within the next 15 years. Attaining these goals and their associated targets will require systemic change from governments, civil society and the private sector.

Companies and investors are starting to map their objectives and activities to the SDGs and are contributing to the Goals through their business activities, asset allocation and investment decisions. Within the financial sector, insurance companies, in general, have given the most specific commitments to achieving the SDGs. By harnessing the expertise of actuaries we hope to further help those industries that members of the profession work in to identify and explore opportunities for meeting the Goals.    

More on the background on the relevance of actuaries to the SDG