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Bulk Annuities and Longevity Swaps

The new Bulk Annuities and Longevity Swaps MIG is relevant to the broad range of actuaries interested in the fast growing activity of de-risking pension plans through (primarily) bulk annuities or longevity swaps. This group will likely include actuaries at consultancies, insurers, reinsurers, banks and asset managers, especially as this area now touches most UK pension schemes and is an area in which increasing numbers of actuaries are specialising

The Bulk Annuities and Longevity Swaps MIG will cover and offer:

  • Potential Education/CPD opportunities organised by the Pensions Board sub-committee.
  • An opportunity to share case studies/best practices.
  • Communication of new and developing ideas in the de-risking market.
  • Networking amongst members.
  • Create a forum for use by members

The above will be delivered through various means including guest speakers on topical matters.

The MIG may touch on areas related to bulk annuity or longevity swaps but these will not be a primary focus. Examples could include trivial commutation and transfer value exercises, asset strategies and transition, benefit changes etc.

The Bulk Annuities and Longevity Swap Mig held an event in July. Please click below to see the presentations

Pensions Consolidation

Commercial Consolidation

Consolidation - Tracy Blackwell

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