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Curriculum 2019

We will be launching our new curriculum in 2019. As the needs of the actuarial profession and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) evolve, so must our curriculum. This page updates you with changes and notable information

Curriculum 2019 logoAs actuarial science and the skill set of actuaries are used in wider applications in both traditional and non-traditional fields, and the IFoA increases its intake of overseas members, our curriculum must be updated to reflect these challenges and ensure that it is fit for purpose in today’s evolving world.


Current students

For students studying under the current curriculum, please note that there will be no change to you in terms of additional exam hours. Every exam that you are currently required to sit transfers to the new curriculum, and it will not take you any longer to qualify than under the current curriculum.

Notable dates

The new curriculum will come into effect on 31 December 2018 and the last session for the current curriculum will take place in September 2018.


Students will have until 1 February 2019 to obtain any relevant exemptions agreed to under the current curriculum. This does not apply to students still to complete their degree programme at those universities where an agreement is in place with the IFoA.


The new curriculum should be read before reading the new syllabus. The new curriculum covers the three main components of an actuarial qualification: examinations, professionalism and work-based experience. The document shows precisely how the current syllabus will be transferred on to the new curriculum.


The syllabus comprises detailed information on all the modules, objectives and requirements of the relevant actuarial qualifications under the new curriculum.

Qualification Structure

Download a PDF version of this chart

PPD and CA3 changes 2017

Further to recent notifications about the new Personal and Professional Development (PPD) structure (which is replacing work-based skills) and the new format CA3 (now called CP3) from September 2017, more information about these two elements has now been released:

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