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Exam dates

Please note: This exam timetable has been provided for reference and we reserve the right to make amendments

Important changes to CT9/CB3 Business Awareness for 2018

Read the latest news about the changes to CT9/CB3

CT9 exam dates for 2018
14-25 May (fully booked) 16-27 July (fully booked) 22 October - 2 November (fully booked)
4-15 June (fully booked) 30 July - 10 August (fully booked) 5-16 November
18-29 June (fully booked) 13-24 August (fully booked) 19-30 November
2-13 July (fully booked) 8-19 October (fully booked) 3-14 December

April 2018 exam session

Exam entry for the April exams, including the CA2 and CP3 exams, is now closed.

Exam entry closing dates

Overseas exam centres: entry closed on Monday 26 February
UK/Ireland exam centres, CA2 and CP3: entry closed on Monday 19 March

Pass lists will be published CT exams: 28 June
CA1, CA2, CP3, ST and SA exams: 12 July
Result letters will be available the following day on each occasion
11 April
12 April
13 April
am     CA2 Paper 1 CA2 Paper 2 CP3*
16 April
17 April
18 April
19 April
20 April
am CA1 Paper 1 CT1 ST4 CT6 CT7
pm CT2 CA1 Paper 2 CT3 / ST6 ST9 SA1-6
23 April
24 April
25 April
26 April
27 April
am CT5 CT8 - ST8 ST1
pm ST7 ST5 - ST2 CT4

* Candidates will be provided with scenario material for the CP3 Communication Practice exam on Tuesday 10 April.

September 2018 exam session

Please note that we have made the following changes to the September 2018 timetable, due to operational demand for certain exams (amended 27 March 2018).

The CT1 and CT5 exam dates have been swapped:

  • CT1 will now take place on Friday 28 September
  • CT5 will now take place on Monday 17 September

The CT3 and CT7 exam dates have been swapped:

  • CT3 will now take place on Thursday 20 September
  • CT7 will now take place on Wednesday 26 September
12 September
13 September
14 September
am     CA2 Paper 1 CA2 Paper 2 CP3 *
17 September
18 September
19 September
20 September
21 September
am CA1 Paper 1 CT4 / ST4 - CT3 / ST9 CT6 / ST6
pm CT5 CA1 Paper 2 - SA1-6 ST7
24 September
25 September
26 September
27 September
28 September
am - - CT7 / ST5 CT2 ST1
pm - - CT8 / ST8 ST2 CT1

* Candidates will be provided with scenario material for the CP3 Communication Practice exam on Tuesday 11 September.

Standard local timings for the CT, CA1, ST and SA exams

For these exams the local start times at certain centres may vary. These changes will be given on the Exam news and updates page when they are available.

Time   Time  
09.00 Room preparation 13.45 Room preparation
09.30 Students enter room 14.00 Students enter room
09.45 - 10.00 Reading time (all subjects) 14.15-14.30 Reading time (all subjects)
10.00 - 13.00 Exam duration 14.30-17.30 Exam duration

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