All candidates sitting an IFoA examination online due to the Covid-19 pandemic are asked to pay specific attention to the following sections of the IFoA Assessment Regulations:

  • Section 7c – During the Online Assessment
  • Section 7d – Permitted Materials Online

To ensure the integrity of our examinations all files uploaded to the online platform during the examination period will be eligible for specialist integrity review. Any such review can be undertaken pre or post result publication at the discretion of the IFoA.

Any allegation of inappropriate conduct will be investigated in accordance to PART TWO: INVESTIGATION INTO ALLEGATIONS OF REGULATION BREACHES (“INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT”), Section 12 - Inappropriate Conduct

“Where a concluded investigation establishes a finding of inappropriate conduct arising from a breach of a Regulation, the Board of Examiners has the discretion to impose one or more of the following:

  1. Candidate will have their assessment mark confirmed and a finding of no inappropriate conduct confirmed.
  2. Candidate will receive a zero mark for that assessment.
  3. Candidate will be disqualified from that attempt.
  4. Candidate will be disqualified from sitting further assessment for a finite and reasoned period of time.
  5. The circumstances will be referred for investigation under the IFoA formal disciplinary procedures.  In this situation, the Candidate will be disqualified from sitting further assessments until the concluded outcome of any professional disciplinary investigation.
  6. Any other proportionate measures deemed appropriate.”

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