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Exam fees and fees for other education services

Exam fees are reviewed to ensure they are appropriate for the service offered. Fees can go down as well as up

For example the shift from physical attendance to online assessments has enabled us to reduce the fees for these exams as we no longer have to meet the cost of the venue hire.

Some students are eligible to pay reduced fees for exams and other services

Since 1 March 2016 the reduced fees are available to all students whose income is less than £7,230.00 per annum regardless of where you live or work. The list of 'Special overseas rate countries' is no longer used.

To receive the reduced fees you need to apply for the reduced membership subscription each year when you renew, and this rate will then be automatically applied to your exam entries and other services. The Membership Team may request evidence of your income to confirm your eligibility for the reduced education fees.

The fees and charges for our education services are on the documents below

These are for exams that you sit, and for other education services provided to you after 1 March 2018, and also for the Curriculum 2019 exams.

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