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Exam exemptions

If you already have another numerate or actuarial qualification you may be eligible for exemption from some of our exams

To claim an exemption against the new curriculum, (except for those on accredited university programmes) the relevant examinations in the old curriculum will need to have been sat and passed by December 2018. Please see relevant sections below for further details.

You need to be a student member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) before you can make an exemption application.

You may be eligible for an exemption if you have
Graduated from a university course that the IFoA has an accreditation or exemption agreement with See the list of universities and courses with exemptions
Exam passes/exemptions from some other international actuarial associations See the list of other actuarial associations
A qualification from another professional body that we have an agreement with See the list of other professional qualifications which may be eligible for exemptions
Graduated with an actuarial or numerate degree which covered the majority of the syllabuses of the relevant IFoA exam(s) See the current exam syllabus
Completed a postgraduate thesis or an MBA on an actuarial or financial subject See the SP0 Alternative Specialist Principle page
If you are interested in completing a piece of research as an alternative to a SA subject  See the SA0 Specialist Advanced page

We cannot tell you whether you may be eligible for exemption unless you submit an application

In each case exemption from the professional exams will depend on:

  • whether the qualification has an agreement with the IFoA
  • the scope and standard of the subjects covered by the particular exams
  • your achievement of a satisfactory level of performance.

Apply for an exemption

To apply you need to complete an exemption application form and provide supporting documentation. Visit the How to apply for an exemption page to find out more.

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