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Personal and Professional Development FAQs

  • 1. What is PPD?

    PPD is Personal and Professional Development. It is a revised version of the current work-based skills (WBS).

    As part of the journey to become a qualified member of the IFoA, an individual needs to demonstrate relevant skills and experience within a work environment. To do this, the IFoA requires Personal and Professional Development (PPD) to be completed in addition to the examinations and professionalism requirements.

  • 2. When will PPD be launched?

    A decision was taken to launch PPD in September 2017. This will be done alongside the new Communication Practice exam (CP3) as they have a direct impact on each other.

  • 3. What happens if I want to qualify after I have taken and passed CP3 in September 2017 or April 2018?

    You will be required to complete a declaration, which will be submitted alongside your WBS documentation that demonstrates that you have completed the communication element of PPD and the learning outcome of that experience. This must be submitted before 1 September 2018.

    This declaration should also be signed by a Fellow. This will form part of the final sign off process. All other qualifiers from the September 2018 exam session onwards will be able to complete the communication element online as part of PPD.

  • 4. Will the syllabus change for the exams as a result of the new curriculum?

    Yes it will. The syllabus comprises detailed information on all of the modules, objectives and requirements of the relevant actuarial qualifications under the new curriculum. You can find details of the syllabus changes here.

  • 5. What is the format of PPD?

    The PPD requirement will include three categories, subdivided into three key competencies with each competency carrying a credit value. All credits will be recorded online and there will be a minimum annual requirement for each qualification route.

    The PPD requirement will be in line with the CPD Scheme which all members need to adhere to.

    The three key competencies of the PPD requirement will be:

    • Effective Communications
    • Problem Solving
    • Decision Making - Professionalism

  • 6. Who needs to do PPD?

    All students of the IFoA need to do PPD. If you join after September 2017 you will embark straight onto PPD. If you have joined before that date then there will be transition rules for you to follow. You will see those below.

  • 7. What if I joined before June 2004 and am currently exempt from doing WBS?

    You will be brought onto the PPD scheme. This will ensure that you have the necessary skills to bring you in line with industry needs. You can read what you will need to complete below in the transition rules.

  • 8. What happens if I'm still working through the current WBS structure?

    Transition rules will apply to you – you can review those transition rules below

  • 9. How much PPD do I need to complete?

    • You will be required to record a minimum number of credits of PPD every year that you are a student
    • The 12 month period runs from the date you joined the IFoA if you joined us after September 2017
      • If you joined before this date, then your PPD year will run from the next anniversary of you becoming an IFoA student member (see below for more information)
    • Should you qualify part way through a PPD year a proportional amount of PPD credits will be required for that year
    • The minimum length of experience required for Fellow is 36 months.

  • 10. What are the transition rules for current students working towards WBS
  • 11. What if I qualify after September 2020?

    Then you will only be required to submit PPD material. This is despite any previous WBS that you may have completed already.

  • 12. Will my PPD be audited each year?

    A select group of students will be audited each year. If you joined in September 2017 then any auditing of your records will happen in October 2018 to ensure your compliance over the first year of your student membership

  • 13. Can I check with someone what my specific requirements are?

    Yes, you can contact our Education Services team for more details

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