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UK Practice Modules

The UK Practice Modules (UKPM) are designed to test your knowledge of UK business practice, legislation, regulation and professional guidance notes

The Modules are available in each of the six specialist applications subject and we strongly recommend that every UK based student taking a specialist applications paper takes the relevant UK Practice Module at the same time. You can find the Syllabus for the modules at the end of this page.

P1 - Health and Care P3 - General Insurance P5 - Finance
P2 - Life Insurance P4 - Pensions P6 - Investment

You need to pass one of these exams to practise in the UK in a reserved role, such as an actuarial function holder, with-profit actuary, reviewing actuary, scheme actuary or Lloyd's Syndicate actuary

To enter for a UK Practice Module exam complete and return the application form. You need to tell us the name of your exam supervisor when you apply for the exam.

You don't need to pass a Practice Module to qualify as a Fellow but we recommend that new qualifiers who have not passed one of these exams while doing their fellowship exams, sit the relevant practice module within 18 months of qualifying.

Each UK Practice Module exam consists of a 90 minute multiple choice exam in two parts, which must be taken under exam conditions overseen by a supervisor who is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

The two parts of the exams are:

  • A generic section (P0) covering the knowledge and understanding of UK business practice, legislation, and regulation. This section is common to all UK Practice Modules and cannot be taken separately.
  • A section specific to the subject specialism. The core reading for the relevant specialist applications exam will be suitable for revising for this section of the UK Practice Module exam.

When you apply for the exam we issue you, by email, with an access code which is valid for 90 days and one exam sitting

If you do not complete your UKPM within this time you will need to re-apply and you will be charged the exam fee.

The questions you receive for your exam will be based on the syllabus for the year in which your exam entry is processed

For example, if your entry is processed in December 2017, but you do not sit the exam until January 2018, you will receive the questions based on the 2017 syllabus.

Syllabus for the UKPM (2017) Subjects P0-P6. Syllabus for the 2017 exams
Changes to the P0 syllabus and core reading for the 2017 exams
Syllabus for the UKPM (2018) Subjects P0-P6. Syllabus for the 2018 exams
Changes to the P0 syllabus and core reading for the 2018 exams

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