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Disciplinary and Capacity for Membership Schemes

Our disciplinary and capacity for membership processes are defined within the Disciplinary and Capacity for Membership Schemes.

The Disciplinary and Capacity for Membership Schemes sets out the appointment structure, the procedures for investigations and hearings, and the definition of misconduct.

For information regarding the Capacity for Membership Process please see this information note.

The Scheme defines misconduct as:

any conduct by a Member, whether committed in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, in the course of carrying out professional duties or otherwise, constituting failure by that Member to comply with the standards of behaviour, integrity, competence or professional judgement which other Members or the public might reasonably expect of a Member having regard to the Bye-laws of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and/or to any code, standards, advice, guidance, memorandum or statement on professional conduct, practice or duties which may be given and published by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and/or, for so long as there is a relevant Memorandum of Understanding in force, by the FRC (including by the former Board for Actuarial Standards) in terms thereof, and to all other relevant circumstances.

The Disciplinary Board issues guidelines to support the effective operation of the Scheme

Title Effective date
Indicative Sanctions Guidance Note 30 August 2016

Regulations on the Approval of Nominations for Adjudication Panels 

1 August 2011

Regulations for Approval of Nominations to Disciplinary Tribunal Panel

1 August 2010
Guidelines for Panel Members on the Civil Standard of Proof  1 August 2010
Time Frames for Investigations and Proceedings under the Disciplinary Scheme 17 November 2017
Guidelines on the Maximum Fine at Adjudication Stage 1 April 2010
Supplementary Guidelines on the Imposition of Sanctions in CPD Infringement Cases 21 December 2016
Guidelines on the Imposition of Sanctions Involving a period of Education, Retraining, and/or Supervised Practice 21 December 2016
Publications Guidance policy 3 April 2018
Guidelines for Disciplinary Tribunal Panels and Appeal Tribunal Panels on the Award of Costs 3 April 2018
Writing Determinations Guidance policy 17 November 2017 

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