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Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS)

The Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS) is a voluntary global accreditation scheme for organisations that employ actuaries.

A generic image of the quality Assurance Scheme teamThe QAS is now open for applications from outside the UK.

The QAS recognises the importance of the working environment in enabling actuaries to fulfil their professional responsibilities. The objectives of the QAS are to promote quality assurance at an organisational level; to promote confidence in the work of actuaries; and to provide an important mechanism to identify issues affecting the quality of actuarial work.

Further information and details about the QAS can be found in the QAS Handbook.

Please contact a member of the IFoA’s QAS Team for an informal discussion or if you have any questions about the QAS. 

Organisations can apply for accreditation by completing and submitting the Application form to or by post to the address below.

What people say about the QAS:

Professional Excellence is our core value; it touches every process we use, every solution we deliver, and every experience we create for our clients and colleagues.  This gives our clients confidence that our work will be technically correct, relevant to their needs and delivered with clarity.  We are proud that the IFoA’s independent assessment concluded that our values are aligned with their vision of assuring high quality actuarial work.

Mark Birch, Global Leader, Professional Excellence, Insurance Consulting & Technology, Willis Towers Watson

"As actuaries, we all want to ensure our work is designed to answer the questions of our clients, is clear and pragmatic and pitched at the right level. We also want it to be technically correct, having been checked and peer reviewed but importantly we want our clients to have confidence in us.  And so this is why we want the QAS stamp."  Ruth Thomas, Barnett Waddingham, See more testimonials from QAS accredited Organisations.

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has given the QAS the following endorsement:

The FRC welcomes the IFoA’s decision to introduce its Quality Assurance Scheme for businesses that employ actuaries.  We firmly believe that excellence in the working environment is essential to maintain and improve actuarial quality in the public interest, leading to better outcomes for customers and businesses alike. 

The FRC considers that the independent assessment of businesses that participate in the scheme will support the Scheme’s effectiveness at achieving these outcomes.  We would encourage businesses to join the Scheme.

QAS core documents

APS QA1 professional standard and QAS Handbook

Applying for the QAS

For accredited Organisations


Contact Details

Quality Assurance Scheme

QAS Team, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Level 2 Exchange Crescent, 7 Conference Square, Edinburgh, EH3 8RA

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