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The Actuaries' Code Principle 1 - Integrity

Principle 1 - Integrity

1. Members must act honestly and with integrity.

1.1 Members must show respect for others in the way they conduct themselves.

1.2 Members should respect confidentiality.

Members of the IFoA are expected both by the profession and the wider community to demonstrate high standards of behaviour. This means acting honestly and with integrity at all times. Behaviour out with a Member’s professional life can also have a bearing on the profession and the principle therefore applies to a Member’s personal life too.

Find out more in our Guidance on the Integrity Principle of the Actuaries’ Code. You can read the Guidance online, download a copy, or view the questions below which will take you to the corresponding part of the Guidance:

What is Integrity?

What do you mean by integrity?

What type of behaviour do I need to consider?

Does the IFoA expect me to act with integrity outside my actuarial role?

Applying the principle to your work

How do I act with integrity in my daily work?

How does integrity affect my interaction with colleagues, clients and anyone else?

Does respecting others restrict the freedom to voice my opinions?

Duty of confidentiality

What is the duty of confidentiality?

How do I know what information is confidential?

In what circumstances is it justified to disclose confidential information?

Where can I find more guidance on the interaction between the duty of confidentiality and the duty of disclosure?

Where can I find more guidance on the relation between confidentiality and conflicts of interest?


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