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Non-mandatory guidance

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) produces non-mandatory guidance for IFoA members, their employers and other stakeholders

It is not compulsory for members to comply with this material. In accordance with the Actuaries’ Code, IFoA members are expected to demonstrate the highest standard of professional conduct.  In order to do so, members should comply with ethical standards to ensure that the trust placed in members by users/employers/other stakeholders continues to be justified.

In order to assist members to comply with such obligations, and to build on the requirements set out in the Actuaries’ Code, the IFoA has produced the following non-mandatory guidance:

Topic Guidance
Actuarial Software and Calculations - Professional Responsibilities
Actuary as an Expert in Legal Proceedings
Applying Standards to Actuarial Work
Conflicts of Interest
Designated Professional Bodies (DPB)
Funeral Plans
Memoranda of Understanding
Review of Actuarial Work
Risks of Derivative Exposures
Technical Actuarial Standard (TAS) 100
Transition from APS P2 to APS X2

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