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The benefits of diversity are well documented. At the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) we recognise our responsibility to our members, volunteers, employees and the public as a whole

We will promote diversity in our membership and at the IFoA by recognising the particular contribution that can be made by individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, knowledge and experience.

"As a profession, we can and should recognise diversity to make us stronger."
Nick Salter, Past President

In his Presidential Address, Nick Salter, Past President, identified three pillars of diversity as being important to us as a profession

These were:

By focusing our efforts on these three areas, we can best support our members and help ensure the long term sustainability of our profession

It is hoped that our work in this area, initiated by Nick and continued by Immediate Past President, Fiona Morrison, under her presidential theme 'Promote' will push the profession forward and help it thrive in the future.

"There is a crucial role for professional bodies, such as the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, to promote diversity as part of our duty to act in the public interest".  
Fiona Morrison, Immediate Past President

Read more about the work that has been going on under these three pillars below:

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