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Diversity Action Group

The Diversity Action Group (DAG) is committed to supporting the IFoA in developing, delivering and evolving its strategic diversity objectives as set out in its Diversity Strategy and Diversity Action Plan.

In particular, these objectives, as set out in the latest Action Plan are to:

  • create and support an inclusive environment;
  • embrace the value of diverse perspectives; and
  • build awareness and understanding of diversity within the profession for the benefit of our members, the public and profession as a whole.

The DAG seeks to support the IFoA by leading work-streams on:

  • Toolkits:  Developing diversity toolkits for a range of situations to showcase and share best practice - e.g. maternity and paternity provision and returnships
  • Campaigns:  Leading campaigns and initiatives to promote diversity amongst IFoA members, volunteers and staff
  • Resource and capability:   Establishing effective communications across a range of online and other channels to maximise our reach and impact, including on IFoA website and LinkedIn
  • Mentoring:   Supporting the Actuarial Mentoring Programme (AMP), a cross-company mentoring programme designed to improve diversity within the actuarial profession
  • Events:   Initiating and delivering diversity events
  • Data:  Gathering and analysing information and data to support or inform actions and strategy, and to measure progress
  • Communications:   Promoting the diversity agenda through various means including case studies, blogs, news articles and social media

Members who are interested in supporting one of these work streams should contact

You can join the conversation around diversity in the actuarial profession through our LinkedIn group.

In addition to joining the LinkedIn group, we invite members to play a potentially more proactive role by signing up to the DAG Volunteer Group.

You can learn more about the IFoA's approach to diversity and find the latest content on diversity in the actuarial profession - all supported by the DAG - in the About Us section.

Members of the DAG managing committee:

  • Chika Aghadiuno (chair)
  • Rosalind Rossouw
  • Zoe Burdo
  • Helena Ingram
  • Mahima Agarwal

Chika Aghadiuno, DAG chair"As a profession representing members from a multitude of organisations, we are no less impacted than any other individuals and groups in terms of matters relating to representation and inequities. Alongside the IFoA, myself and fellow volunteers of the DAG are working hard to tackle these issues and exploit our skills and understanding of risk and data in the pursuit of progress."

Chika Aghadiuno, DAG chair

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