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Some experiments with pensions accrual

The purpose of the experiment is to investigate the relationship between the amount of pension that may be deemed to have ‘accrued’ each year, and the amount of contribution (as a percentage of salary) needed to purchase the extra pension that has accrued in each year. under both a final salary defined benefit scheme and a revalued average salary scheme.

Edmond Halley: astronomer and actuary

Edmond Halley, who was born in 1656 and died in 1742, is well known generally because of the Comet which bears his name. He is not, however, associated to any great extent with other activities and if it were not for the Comet it is likely that most people today would never even have heard of him. Outside the actuarial profession, and perhaps to some extent even within it, it is not generally known that in 1693 he constructed a life table from the bills of mortality in the German city of Breslau and then went on to calculate from that table annuity rates on one, two and three lives.

Portfolio selection in the presence of fixed liabilities: A comment on The matching of assets to liabilities

This note was inspired by the paper ‘The Matching of Assets to Liabilities’ presented by A J Wise to the Institute in March 1984. In it he presented a method of looking at the problem of matching which I claimed in the discussion was essentially a portfolio selection approach. However, his approach had a number of novel features. I wish to discuss one of these, approaching it from the conventional portfolio selection viewpoint. I am not aware that this problem has been considered elsewhere in the substantial literature that exists on portfolio selection.

Universal or variable linked life assurances and life annuities

The Universal or Variable Linked Life Assurance policy has been issued by a number of companies in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom, and it is now reasonably familiar in the marketplace. It does not appear to have received much attention in actuarial literature, perhaps because of its simplicity, though a paper has been presented to the Institute of Actuaries Students’ Society (Sheraton, 1984).


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