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Papers and reports

Reports of assurance companies, I

Ćgis Life Assurance Company: Report\; Alfred Life Assurance Society: Report\; Alliance Marine Assurance Company: Report\; Atlas: Report\; British Empire Mutual Fire Assurance Company: Report\; British Empire Mutual Life Assurance Company: Report\; Catholic Law and General Life Assurance Company: Report\; Church of England Life and Fire Association: Report\; City of London Life Assurance Company: Report\; Clerical, Medical and General Life Assurance Society: Report\; Colonial Life Assurance Company: Report\; Eagle Assurance Company: Report\; Edinburgh Life Assurance Company: Report\; Engineers,

Miscellanea, II

The mortality of the Scottish Widows' Fund and Life Assurance Society, 1815 to 1845\; Intensity of diseases at different periods of life\; Risks from gunpowder in Liverpool\; Marine insurance in 1693\; Advice to choose honest insurers\; The interest of the insured in marine insurance\; Whether it be nationally advantageous to insure the ships of our foreign enemies\; Corpulence in connection with life assurance\; Report in 1761 of the Attorney and Solicitor-General on the petition for a charter for the Equitable Life Assurance Society

On the first Parliamentary Committee of Insurance; with remarks illustrative of other facts connected with the history of insurance, III; and, A review of some recommendations of the Select Committee of the House of Commons on Assurance Associations, 1

A sketch of the history of the science of life contingencies, with special reference to the origin and construction of mortality tables

A survey of actuarial history identifying the key 'life tables' of life expectation drawn from mortality data sources encompassing: 'Ulpian's Table' of late Roman times, John Graunt's observations (1662); Edmund Halley's mortality table derived from Breslau (1693) through to data systematically compiled and analysed by the Institute of Actuaries in 1869.


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