The CMI’s research is reliant on the data we receive from life insurers and actuarial consultancies; we are very grateful to the organisations that submit data

Data requirements

Data requirements for each of the investigations are regularly reviewed and updated

Recent changes have aimed to improve the accuracy of the analyses, to add new data fields to enable additional analyses to be undertaken and to ensure that the CMI is fully compliant with the letter and spirit of data protection legislation.

To a large extent, the CMI's analyses and results are based on earlier sets of data requirements. The CMI is generally happy to continue to accept data submissions from existing contributors using earlier coding guides. Please email for more details.

Terms and conditions for data submission

Read the Terms and Conditions under which CMI Limited accepts and processes data submissions; these apply to data submitted on or after 1 January 2017.

Additional details of how CMI processes and handles the data it receives are set out in our Data Handling Protocols, which are available to all organisations that contribute data to the CMI, or are considering doing so. Please email if you would like to receive a copy of the Data Handling Protocols.

Uses of data

The CMI collects information from insurance companies and pension consultancies in order to carry out research into the mortality and morbidity experience of various classes of insured lives, annuitants and pensioners.

Find out more about the purposes for which this information is used and the conditions under which the CMI may make data available for research purposes.

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Contact Details

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