Aggregate "All-offices" results are produced annually and for each quadrennium

CMI Individual Income Protection "All offices" results

Actual claims experience is compared with that expected using the IPM 1991-98 graduations which reflect the experience of male lives in CMI occupation class 1 policies for 1991-98.

These results are only available to organisations that subscribe to the CMI.

Year Covering memo Issue date
2007-10 Working Paper 96 Issue date: 17/03/2017
2010 Covering memo Issue date: 02/06/2016
2009 Covering memo Issue date: 13/02/2013
2008 Covering memo Issue date: 13/02/2013
2007 Covering memo Issue date: 13/02/2013

Results from previous quadrennia were released alongside CMI Working Paper 60.

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