Working Paper 145: “All offices” experience of pension annuities in payment, 2016-2019.

Working Paper 145 was published in December 2020. The working paper describes the experience of pension annuities in payment over the period 2016 to 2019; the results are available in accompanying spreadsheets. Note: this paper and the spreadsheets are available to Authorised Users only.

There are summary spreadsheets for the 2016-2019 results, both without improvements, and with improvements from CMI_2019. In addition, there is a detailed spreadsheet for 2019 (without improvements). Detailed spreadsheets for individual years 2016 to 2018 are available alongside Working Paper 128; these have not been restated due to the high level of consistency between the data for those years described in each paper. Each spreadsheet has a notes page detailing its contents. The summary spreadsheet provides a high-level overview of the results but does not allow a user to choose an alternative base table or alternative categorisation of the results. Users wishing to see more granular results and data, and to alter the comparison basis, should refer to the detailed spreadsheet.

Three Excel spreadsheets are released alongside this paper:

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