Working Paper 151: Accelerated critical illness experience by cause of claim, 2015-2018

Working Paper 151 was published in June 2021. The paper contains analysis of accelerated critical illness experience under non-rated term assurance policies for the years 2015 to 2018 by cause of claim. The paper provides an overview of the dataset, describes the methodology used to derive cause-specific rates, and compares the cause-specific experience against the proposed “16” Series accelerated critical illness tables in Working Paper 150, as well as the latest cause-specific population tables (CIBT08).

There are two Excel spreadsheets issued alongside this paper:

  • The derived cause-specific diagnosis rates.This spreadsheet contains the derived cause-specific diagnosis rates and, for users’ convenience, the rates from the CIBT02 and CIBT08 population tables used in the analysis.
  • The dataset underlying the analysis.This dataset covers a wider age range and more causes than we considered appropriate for the derivation of the diagnosis rates and allows users to derive their own cause-specific rates.

Note: this paper and the spreadsheets are available to Authorised Users only

The Committee hosted a webinar in June 2021, which gave an overview of the proposed “16” Series tables and briefly covered the cause of claim analysis and analysis of term assurances experience to mid-2020. A recording of the webinar is now available to Authorised Users only.

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