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CMI Working Paper 94

Working Paper 94: Final "08" Series accelerated critical illness and term mortality tables

During 2016, the CMI Assurances Committee released two sets of proposed tables for consultation: accelerated critical illness in Working Paper 89 in May; and term mortality in Working Paper 92 in October. Both sets of tables are based on the experience in the years 2007 to 2010 of lives insured under term assurance policies issued by UK life insurers.

Working Paper 94 sets out the feedback received to the consultation and the Assurances Committee’s reasoning for not altering the proposed tables. It also summarises the Committee’s intentions regarding future work.

Two Excel spreadsheets are issued alongside this paper:

  • The final “08” Series assurances tables. This spreadsheet contains the final rates for both accelerated critical illness and term mortality.
  • “All offices” results for 2007-2010, comparing the experience of the stand-alone critical illness dataset with the final “08” Series accelerated critical illness tables; these results were issued in response to a request in a response to the consultation.

Note: “All offices” results (using the proposed tables) and the datasets underlying the graduations were issued alongside Working Papers 89 and 92. As the tables are unchanged, these outputs would not have changed; hence they are not being reissued.

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